Q: What is a real estate closing?

A:  When two parties come together to either buy and sell property, or mortgage property to secure a loan, the transaction is called a real estate closing 

Q: Why do I need an attorney?

A:  In South Carolina, all real estate closings must be performed by and in the presence of a South Carolina licensed attorney.

Q: What is the benefit of using a small, local firm?

A:   Prompt, personal service and community connections. 

Q: What does the attorney do in a real estate closing?

A:  Our office will coordinate everything that must occur to complete the transaction. We will search the title; prepare documents for the Lender in its underwriting process; coordinate all the parties for the appointment for executing the documents (“the closing”); verify that all information is obtained and outstanding invoices are collected to be paid, i.e., property insurance, survey, inspection reports; prepare the closing documents, obtain final approval to close from lender; collect funds and disburse; record documents; insure payoff and cancellation of all liens. 

Q: What is a title search?


A:  A title search examines the “chain of title,” or history, of a piece of property to verify that there are no problems with the title, such as judgments, liens, easements, or ownership issues. A full title search, going back at least forty years, is required for most new loans and purchases, while a limited title search, going back to the date the current owner acquired the property, is sometimes done in cases of equity lines or second mortgages. 

Q: What is Title Insurance?

A:   The primary purpose of title insurance is to eliminate risks and prevent losses caused by defects in title arising out of events that have happened in the past. In today's climate of fraud and identity theft, title insurance brings peace of mind.